What do you want to know about the Cow?

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  1. I've always been a fan of these for community togetherness and I've seen a few already, so I'll bite.

    Anything you interested in knowing about your Community Manager? :D

    PS - Going to get food, so I'll get back to these when I return, should there be any. :p
  2. How old are you? Do you like pigs? Are you a real cow? Can you moo like a cow? Can you snort like a pig? Bacon or Burgers? Are you made out of Ice Cream? How long have you been an Admin? Have you always been an Admin? Have you ever kissed a boy/girl? Are you married? Got milk? GOT BACON? Favourite food? Favourite hobby? Favourite song? Dubstep or Techno? Have you ever laughed so hard milk squirted out of your nose? Favourite soda? Can you sing like a pro? How did you find out about EMC? What is your job? Do you like all of these questions? How many questions have I asked so far? Do you have any pets? Superman or Batman? Favourite Television show? Favourite movie?
  3. second post! just securing the spot for later
  4. what do u like most about EMC?
    obviously me
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  5. Hmmm, what to ask a cow?
    What got you into working on making this community?
    How much of a geek/nerd are you? As in do you get what my icon is?
    Were you involved in a nuclear powered ice cream truck accident?
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  6. Why is your photo a popsicle cow, while yet, you are in IceCreamCow? Also, why do you have no eggies in your signature?
  7. 1. Do you like Batman?
    2. Favorite Movie
    3. Favorite game ever (in case it's not Minecraft)
    4. Can I buy IceCreamCow popsicles like the one in your profile picture?

    Because I would totally buy one of those
  8. I want to know......everything!!!!!
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  9. Have You ever been an Ice Cream salesman.
    Have you ever Spilled ice cream on your pc?
    PC or Mac?
    Desktop or Laptop
    Blueray or DVD?
    How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    Who came first the egg or chicken?
    How many creepers have you hugged?
    wanna blow stuff up with me?
    Have you ever banned yourself?
    Has justin ever banned you?
    Have you even banned someone?
    Have you ever accidently blown someone's res up?
    How many people do you block on XBL a day?
    Is being an Admin fun?
    Milk or Soy Milk?
    Piggehs or Testificates?
    Woodchuck or beaver
    Do you believe in Beavcons?
    Did you go to Vidcon?
    Did you go to comicon?
    Did you go to minecon
    Are you going to Minecon 2012
    DO you live in europe?
    have you ever crashed a server with tnt?
    Do you think this is alot of Questions?
    DO you believe in big foot?
    Have you ever seen bigfoot?
    Do you live in the US?
    East or West?
    Who shot first?
    DO you eat laugthing cow cheese?
  10. Why the name IceCreamCow?
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  11. What kind of Milk is your Favorite?
  12. I can see that, the entirely blank post gives it away. Is that 2b2b2b?
  13. Nah 2a2a2a
  14. What is your job?
  15. What's a Cow??
  16. I think you nailed the exact color of the background
  17. What kind of food did you just go to get? How awesome are the Brewers? The Packers? The Badgers? The Bucks? (scratch that last one) How great does it feel to have an awesome Governor? (I ask that because most of ours end up in prison)
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  18. Hi ICC I wanted to know
    Can you decode this?
    How much meow could a meowchuck chuck if a meowchuck could chuck meow?

    If you stare at the screen for a few seconds you can see this text.
  19. W








  20. Will you answer any of the questions? ;)