What do you think is the funniest line from a TV show

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  1. Karen Pelly: I got a riddle for you, Hank. Okay. A plane crashes on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Where do they bury the survivors?
    Hank Yarbo: Hmmm. Tough one. Right on the border, huh? Well, is there one larger chunk of the airplane on one side?
    Karen Pelly: No. It's broken directly in half, distributed over the two sides.
    Hank Yarbo: Wow, that's really tough.
    Karen Pelly: [Repeats herself] A plane crashes directly on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Where do they bury the SURVIVORS?
    Hank Yarbo: OHHHHH! The *survivors*.
    Hank Yarbo: Bury one on each side.

    I love this one.

    Sorry about that guys. Just highlight it I guess.
  2. Col. O'Neill: You know, I'm kind of partial to P3575 if you don't mind taking P3A577.
    Kawalsky: No I'll take 577.
    Col. O'Neill: I'm not married to it.
    Kawalsky: No, no it's_
    Col. O'Neill: I want to be fair about it. How about we flip for it?
    Gen. Hammond: How 'bout you go where I tell you!
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  3. Jayne:

    I married me a powerful ugly creature.


    [dressed as Jayne's wife to lure bandits]

    How can you say that? How can you shame me in front of new people?
  4. Such a shame this series was cut off, it showed monumental promise, and left so many unanswered questions. At least Serentity filled in a few blanks. I am glad they eventually explained Shepherd Books past though. :)
  5. I think Corner Gas should have went on MUCH longer then it did.
  6. Poor Joss Whedon.Both Firefly and Dollhouse were amazing series that shouldn't have been canceled.
  7. I agree, especially for firefly :(
    Have you read any of the comics?
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  8. That I have not.I probably intended to at some point, but I am easily distracted and forget things.
  9. Not exactly from TV
    But funny nonetheless.

    Fallout: New Vegas
    Somewhat inappropriate, I guess.
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  10. "Blood is thick, but syrup's thicker. Think about it."
    fatal fury special :)
  11. I watched the show a long time ago, never knew there was a movie until i heard my friend talking about it, and watched it about a week ago. It was amazing.
  12. I heard rumors that some group was going to restart Firefly. Don't know if they're true or not. I hope they are!
  13. General Hammond: You ever think of writing a book about your exploits in the line of duty?
    Jack O'Neill: I've thought about it. But then I'd have to shoot anyone that actually read it.
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  15. Joss Whedon has talked about wanting to bring it back before.I think it was around the time he started doing Dollhouse a few years back.
  16. I thought it was a separate group than the original people who put it on. It was also quite recent. My guess is that it was just a bunch of amateur drama students or something. I don't put much stock into it.
  17. Baby: Look At My 8 Pack Abbs Mother
    Mother: Great I'm Busy Go Away
    Baby: I HAVE 8 PACK ABBS!!!!!!:mad:
    Mother: SHUT UPPPP!!!!!:mad: