What do we need and want?

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  1. Hi there everyone! Hope your all fine and dandy!
    As some of you are aware I have recently become a Diamond supporter. I love it here on the EMC and have made friends and been made to feel very welcome since I joined. I have made a successful shop on SMP8 and now I have the option of claiming more res's. I have been thinking for days now on what I can bring to the EMC that is new and useful to everyone on the Empire. I don't necessarily need to make any more rupees and I think we have enough Malls dotted over the Empire. I certainly don't want to take any business away from anyone else either.

    So here I am asking for suggestions as to what everyone thinks the EMC is lacking. Whether it be a shop or a free service or anything else anyone can think of. I have the time, the rupees and the enthusiasm to complete a new project and I'm looking forward to creating something cool that everyone can enjoy!

    Feel free to leave me your comments! I shall read and take into consideration all of them! AND if I do pick something that someone has suggested there will be a rupee prize of 10k, a little incentive!

    So something unusual, something people will use and hopefully something not done yet!

    Thank You!
    ClareMuss! :)
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  2. It may not be possible, but running through my head is a fully auto carrot, potato, sugarcane and wheat farm. Not really sure if the concepts I am thinking of can be applied practically. However if the can it would be a really nice addition to smp8!
    Welcome and I hope you continue enjoying and supporting EMC!
  3. A res where everyone can build
  4. The carrot, potato and wheat aren't possible without 1.8 unfortunately
    This would be disastrous...

    My suggestion is a cheap general needs shop that has a variety of things that new players would need to get started, as I've noticed Smp8 has very few shops nowadays and the amount of new people I've struggled to help due to not knowing a place that they can get certain items has been countless! :)
  5. Oh yes, I forgot. :(
  6. You could use the ONLY placeblocks flag :) with no destroy perms whatsoever
  7. No way to prove who built what. That's the issue here. If someone built something inappropriate, it wouldn't be possible to see who.
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  8. A giant auto mushroom farm. The Empire needs mushrooms!
  9. Oh yeah....
  10. If players say that smp# needs a shop, I highly advise that you do NOT make a shop there. If there isn't one already, then it likely won't work now. Many have attempted to build malls on shopless servers, and most of those many have torn down their malls.
  11. That is because the main aim of the mall/shop was to make rupees but for clare she said she wasn't too bothered about that.
    I once had a shop on smp8 for general needs but took it down due to my activity on the server dwindling and other projects, and rupees were never a concern then (still not :p). The only reason i was suggesting this idea is because i have been asked on multiple occasions to re open my shop but, as explained in my thread, i will be leaving emc for a short while :)
  12. Hm, I don't have any ideas. What EMC can always use are nice, kind and helpful people, but you already are that :)
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  13. Nah, there have been many a community project too. It is rooted in the issue of "there is not enough (interested) population" on a server, and so the upkeep (no matter what the motivation, rupees or not), always outweighs the cost.