What do u guys want

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  1. Ohh k guys I wanna make a business but don't know what I would like to focus on one thing like gems enchants potion ect plz reply what u would like to c me make (as in what would u like to buy)
  2. Things I would buy? Hmm, probably glowstone and redstone.
  3. All things stone related.
  4. So like general blocks?
  5. I would buy snow, if not too expensive
  6. When I go to shops, I always go and look for the Gems/ores and ingots.
  7. So a nether/stone/gem shop lol
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  8. So you're wanting to make some kind of shop?
  9. Yup
  10. Cheap stone in bulk, I use lots of it.
  11. Wood logs are always in demand, you can make crazy money if you stock your shop constantly.
    Snow is also easy to get and goes for a nice amount.
    If you have a bit more patience, you can go to the nether and mine for quartz and glowstone. It's also not too difficult to obtain in large quantities, and also sells for lots.
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