What Did I Miss?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Theomglover, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. Um... Hi Blue here ( Theomglover ) um due to um.. things like School, Exams, Family, e.t.c But I made this thread on what I missed I haven't been on for 1 month but I just have been poping in to not get derelict, abd havent been on the website for along time, but yeah its awesome to hear the EMC has 400k!!!

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  2. You missed me, I know you did
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  3. who would miss you though?
    as i thought know one did jkjk
    • nick5013 was unbanned and is now staff (his new name is now Krysyy)
    • SMP8 is now even more distanced due to it being a crazy emporium. You must sign a sheet to visit and current residents can leave the SMP
    • Aikar broke the special item economy
    • Stone Slabs (see sig)
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  4. We have a new leader of EMC. The glorious Luckygreenbird, (praise be to him), in his infinite wisdom, has replaced everything on EMC with birds.
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