What did he ever do to deserve such cruel punishment?

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  1. So...a friend posted this on facebook:
  2. We are just a bunch of haters.
  3. ...
    One Direction is the worst band in the entire world. His mum gave him a One Direction Easter Egg.
  4. Lol, the jelly beans makes up for it :p
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  5. If it was a breaking benjamin/3 days grace/Paramore Easter Egg this wouldn't be punish at all. It would be praise from the godliest heavens confetti of stars. <--- You're probably like "wat?" at that. Don't ask. I'M ON A HYPE :D
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  6. Its candy who cares :D you wanna know what i got for easter. A big bag of NOOOTHING not even a dinner unless you count some .26 cent noodles
  7. They're noodles.
    You can't go wrong with Noodles.

    I've been drinking alot of Sugar recently. Had an Emerge and a big bottle of Lucozade and a McDonalds after school (for my dinner...we broke up early for easter) on thursday, had a Pink Lemonade Lucozade that night, yesterday I had a bottle of Mountain Dew and today I had a full can of Monster Energy (which got me hyper).
  8. Few such things exist, unfortunately One Direction is extremely easy to successfully merchandise.
  9. Chocolate is always good, even with One Direction plastered on it.
  10. It wasn't very good noodles xD ew ew ew monster energy drink i cant stand them they give me head aches lol. As for the sugar thing cant really eat much just started a Gym yesterday trying to watch what I eat so guess its a good thing i got a big bag of nothing lol
  11. When it's Paramore things like that exist.
    Sad...but true...
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  12. I love Monster and Lucozade :p
  13. It's honestly unreasonable to hate One Direction. So they made a song you don't like, who cares?

    Just because they are successful and get all the teenage girls does not mean you should hate them. Even if that success is due in no part to their own skill, that's not your problem.
  14. All of the teenage girls I know either dress up like Barbies or are just unattractive. TBH, there is one girl I find attractive and that girl is my best friend. She hates 1D, likes a few Bieber songs but prefers Paramore and some metal stuff.
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  15. I don't hate One Direction. I hate the culture that has lowered its standards to such a degree that they're able to garner a fanbase and be as successful as they are. It's less their music that makes me nauseated as it is a statement about the society we live in.

    'Course I get that from the evening news too.
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  16. I feel all the hate for 1 Direction/Justin Bieber is really just envy.
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  17. about 90% of the guys that hate them are envious that girls arn't all over them like they are to Justin bieber and 1 direction. Persononally i Don't like their music and when im around ppl all i hear is "OMG JB iS sO HUUUUT, I liEK (1Direction name here) heee Iz HUUUUT toooo!" But im pretty sure if you met them they would be total jerks that would kick sand in your face.
  18. Nah. Not for me.
    I hate their horrible music and Justin Beiber's way of letting his fans down. TBH, the charitable things he does I like.
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