What design do you like better?

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What do you like better?

White wool/Black Wool 3 vote(s) 21.4%
Sandstone/Log 11 vote(s) 78.6%
  1. I'm planing to create a decent sized mall and would like to know what the community would prefer. Thanks in advance for the feedback! 2012-10-11_18.13.13.png 2012-10-11_18.13.02.png
  2. That creeper seems to prefer the first one.

    Then again.. those slimes like the second one. Tough call. XD
  3. Second one haha
  4. Yeah second one. Wool looks much better and it would be much cheaper too.
  5. Yeah.. but the first one you already have 3 customers. The skeleton, zombie, and a creeper, plus it looks like another creeper is interested in going to that mall. So yeah that one is getting a lot of different customers, so its got lots of differentiation. :O The other one all you have is some overweight slimes (kinda like Walmart em I right? huh huh *nudge nudge* XD), but well slimes that big tend to buy a lot of food though. :S It's still a tough call I would say. XD
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  6. Hmm it's a hard decision as they both look so good. I'm going to go with the second one though as having wool on wool looks a tad better than logs on sandstone... :D
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  7. First one.
  8. white wool to me looks janky for a building, and I love earth tones and pastels, so I most definitely like the sandstone better.
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  9. Hmm your right, wool would be a lot cheaper... BUT! I'm still gonna wait to see how these votes roll out.
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  10. I think i'm gonna end up going with the sandstone/log one. Thanks for helping me decide ;)
  11. I see someone is wanting to attract some skeletons, zombies, and creepers to their mall. :p
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  12. Sandstone and logs is winning :)
  13. looks much better with sandstone.............. :D
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