What block/item would you add to Minecraft if you could??

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  1. If you could add one block/item to Minecraft, what would it be?
  2. Again, flying pigs. :rolleyes:
  3. OH OH OH OH I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The disc-jockey block. Put two discs on it and you could DJ!
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  5. Tekkit.....
    Or just put a bunch of tnt together...
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  6. A sammich.. who wouldn't want a sammich.
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  7. ... you would need 2000 TNT in one block... hmmm... and i dont do tekkit.
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  8. Guns!!!!!!!
    Red Slimes!!!
    Blue,Orange,Yellow slimes.
    Spider Jockey Spawn egg!!
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  9. wow... thats a nice rant there...
  10. really?
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  11. ya! most definitely. Well, if not a rant a tangent...
  12. nah
  13. a rant or tangent? choose, boy!
  14. Jetpacks and ice cream.
  15. rant
  16. Boy?
  17. i dodnt know what to say, so... it just sounded right lol.
  18. Alright golfer caddie.
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  19. I know!
    A Coal Block.
  20. I would add an energy condenser like tekkit. If it was put into the game then it shouldnt be in EMC because that would just crush the econemy to pieces :p