What are your dreams?

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  1. I had planned to write something a bit more elaborate than this, but owing to my new work schedule, I find very little time to settle down and do words...
    ...At any rate, what are your ambitions? What do you dream of becoming? What purpose drives you?
    I don't care about what weird things invade your unconscious headspace at night. No, what interests me is what you see for your future.

    You see, I've stopped dreaming. When I was young, I had wanted to be a fighter pilot, a marine biologist, and an engineer (thank Scott Adams for that one). By college, I'd discovered a passion for digital art and asset creation, and wanted to become a game designer.
    But the years since I graduated have stripped me of that. The grind of retail and dead-end jobs, of unemployment and uncertainty, of life, has eroded all but one want - my one remaining desire is stability. A steady income, a place of my own, and someone to share it with. No ambitions or grand designs, no plans to change the world, just the hope that I can find some peace.

    So tell me what your dreams are, big or small - and no matter what they are, hang onto them.
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  2. That my friends may become Christian.
  3. I fully understand your wish for stability. I have had it for a long time, and now I have found stability (partially).
    I almost got a year delay at my study, but I managed to make it only half a year delay.
    I finally have an internship, and I am now working at Viedit.

    I now believe in my future again, and I have the courage again to dream.
    I am convinced of the fact that you will find the courage to dream as well when you find your stability.

    My dreams currently are having great influence and making serious results at my internship, starting my own successful YT gamingchannel and I am hoping to raise enough awareness & funds for a project that I want to do next summer :)
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