What are you watching right now?

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  1. Hey,

    What are you watching right now on television, im watching phineas and ferb :p

  2. I'm watching:
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  3. Smosh FTW
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  4. I'm not watching anything right now, but tomorrow night I'm watching the newest Doctor Who episode!
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  5. I hate that program now... Last season was incredibly boring and I don't like the new writers.

    I was watching the Season 3 Finale of The Walking Dead about an hour ago. Yes. We only get episodes on Friday, which is why it's hell for me when looking on TWD pages and trying to avoid spoilers :(
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  6. I'm watching Austin powers.... Not sure why...
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  7. The newest Episode was pretty awesome.

    Currently watching Adventure Time. Tomorrow night I'll be watching the new Doctor Who, and sometime I'll have to catch back up on The Walking Dead. I ended up only getting through part of the first season and then had to wait for the second to come out, now I'm behind but I don't mind some of the spoilers cause I've yet to have anyone give so much of it away that I can't watch it/I forget what they said or I read.
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  8. I can tell you that Season 2 of TWD was absolutely amazing and Season 3 was...well... It had alot of fighting other people in it, and the walkers were just there as an extra threat. It kind of ruined it a little bit, but it was still awesome :p Season 4 looks like it will remain the same.
  9. Big Bang Theory :) (recorded)
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  10. I'm waching this...
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  11. Sadly I'm on season one still and just finished the first Hardback compendium thing at the bookstore the other night. lol. So I have no idea. The only thing that has been ruined for me was the PC game.
  12. Which game? There's two now :p
    Survival Instinct and Telltale's one.
  13. Tell Tale's
  14. The characters in that are only in that game though... How did that spoil it for you? :p
  15. ICC's lets-play of inferno mines.
  16. Im watching that as well :)

    Pssssst people watch dis!
  17. Day of the Dead. Second time this week.
  18. Angel beats, I was wanting to find a new anime to watch, and I was on Netflix, so I thought I'd try to watch this, and I love it. :D