What are the rules for automation and being afk?

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  1. In regards to part 3 of the code of conduct paragraph 3. It states that automating actions is not allowed while afk. Does this refer only to automation via mods of the client or does it include automation using pistons and redstone while afk. Further is it disallowed to stay logged in while afk to grow crops and such.
  2. Specific types of things are prohibited, such as automatic firework launchers, as the redstone they use (or so I've heard) can cause some severe client-side lag to players who may be within chunk-loading distance to them, so they try to have any auto-redstone machines be turned off if you aren't using them. Anything that has you hitting/moving/etc. while you're AFK would appear to be disallowed. An example of this would be a player having an auto-clicker hit endermen in the end while he was AFK. You ARE allowed to AFK near your farms, assuming you aren't auto-breaking the wheat blocks or anything. :p

    Edity edits. Seems like I should be reading more into some of these AFK things. ;) Just read that post and it'll give you most of the information you need. :p Although Aikar has said that the changes mentioned there won't go into affect until after Dragon Tombs.
  3. tbh right now pretty much no one cares if you afk, I do it all the time at gold farms and iron farms.
  4. Right now, yeah. As long as you're not in any way harming the server or the player experience on it, or refusing access to someone that legitimately wants to play by being AFK, you're good to go :)
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    All of my these guys.
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