What are the enchantments for "God Armor"

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  1. Hey, I have quite a few diamond armor sets and I just though if I combined them, I could get God Armor. Can somebody please give me a list of enchantments the God Armor has for the following?
    All diamond of course.
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  2. Protection4/Unbreaking 3 on all and Feather Falling4 on boots

    Swrd is personal preference but I use sharpness5/looting3/unbreaking3
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  3. I am wanting Max enchantmentness for sword and such. Thanks.
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  4. Mob arena-
    Turkey slicer
    Unb 3 / Prot IV on everything

    hunting mobs-
    random sword / looting doesn't matter on mini bosses or enraged, I like sharp V knock II
    feather falling on boots, and protection on rest of armor - unbreaking III is unnecessary
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  5. Sword: Sharpness/Smite 5, knockback 2, fire aspect 2, looting3, unbreaking 3 thats all I believe

    Armor enchants I listed are like the max you can get, ofc on the helmet and all others you can add thorns and helmet aquainfinite 1 and respiration 3. But what people classify as "god armor" is what I listed
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  6. Whats wrong wit chu sam?! Unbreaking 3 is totally necessary.
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  7. not just for running around killing some mobs, I find it as a waste of good armor when you can just use iron :p
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  8. True, I just put it on everything so I dont have to repair it so often :p
  9. Thanks for the responses. This was for Mob Arena.

    I plan on winning the next one. :D
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  10. you have lots of competition bud :p
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  11. I know. I already see a MA winner watching...
    *looks at ninjaboy*
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