What Are Every Single One Of the Flags in empire

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  1. I was just wondering to make sure that my friend has every flag he can have on my res
  2. The pest flags are build, move, use, container, and bucket. But he doesn't need bucket flag if he has the use flag.
  3. Bucket, build, use, container, move.

    There's more, un-important ones :)
  4. Player only flags:

    /res pset [player-name] build true
    /res pset [player-name] use true
    /res pset [player-name] move true
    /res pset [player-name] bucket true
    /res pset [player-name] destroy true
    /res pset [player-name] container true
    /res pset [player-name] TNT true

    Everyone flags:

    /res set build true
    /res set use true
    /res set move true (default)
    /res set bucket true
    /res set destroy true
    /res set container true
    /res set TNT true

    {I think that's all the flags not mentioning changing true to false or remove}
  5. And TNT...
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  6. Check out this post for the other flags that we have not mentioned here.