Hidden Flags

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  1. What are ALL the flags? Like the hidden flags (bucket and firespread)
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  2. The ones to my knowledge are
    - Destroy: Ability to break objects/blocks,
    - Place: Ability to place objects/blocks,
    - Bucket: Ability/inability of others to use buckets on your lot.
    - Flow: Stop water/lava flowing, it will remain in a 'frozen' state. See my lot on smp4, 8005 for an example.
    - Waterflow: Controls water flow - overrides global flow command
    - Lavaflow: Controls lava flow - overrides global flow command
    - TNT: Required by diamond supporters to allow tnt use on your lot.
    - Firespread: Ceases all fires from starting and spreading on your lot. Will also prevent ANY spreading of grass, mycelium, mushrooms, vines?

    I should also add that the flow, TNT and firespread are residential flags and require the global '/res set <flag> true/false' command to work, and the bucket/place/destroy flag can be either a personal command '/res pset <name> <flag> true/false" or the global command to work.
  3. This is good to know... I've been wondering about people talking about the firespread flag....
  4. Flow!?

    Now I need to add it to my epic / amazing list of flags! D:
  5. I would have to look through the code but I think flow is both water and lava, and then waterflow and lavaflow overrides it. I can't promise you they all work like that though :)
  6. That adds so many redstone possibilities... Sort of
  7. Nice, ill add them to my list :)
  8. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh I....... I'll take a look at the example
  9. i can think of a few cool contests that could be done with the place flag and a utopia res XD
  10. Here is the list of flags, of couse, some flags such as "creeper" or "monsters" are not applicable here, for obvious reasons. Also, the "healing" flag is out of our reach, as we do not have permission to enable it.
  11. we are immortal in town, why would an immortal need healing?
  12. Imagine this, you're in your res, and suddenly someone runs in with splash potion of damage / poison. This bypasses the anti-pvp system. You may need the healing to survive against them.
  13. you are IMMORTAL, your health does not fall, no matter what when you are in town
  14. Hm really? I thought it would harm you in town because the known bugs didn't mention where the potions can hurt you. So I assumed town was also included.
  15. nope, ive personally tested those potions on myself and a friend in town, they dont work :D
  16. There's monster
    But I cant use it. Im not authorized ;)
    Try /res set monster t
    Damage flag Lol
  17. Thanks Zabriel. I would like to point out that the wiki you linked to is for the Residence plugin (a plugin I contribute code to). Originally we used this for EMC but since then we have migrated away. Because Empire Residence is based on a branch of Residence it does have many similarities, however it also has many differences :)
  18. Splash potions do hurt you but you go down to half a heart and stops
  19. well ty everyone this is very helpful for the dragon egg auction ^_^
  20. Dragon egg auction?

    Im in 20k :D