What Are All the Promo's In EMC?

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  1. I just wanted Know What All The Past Promo's were And Whats One is The Rarest?
  2. That lists a lot of things but not all of them.

    Here is what i know off the top of my head
    • 60k armor
    • horses
    • stable vouchers
    • vault vouchers
    • treasure vouchers
    • IcC birthday voucher
    • haunted head
    • valentines day rose
    • egg nog
    • haunted head
    • haunted candy
    • labor bench
    • turkey slicer
    • independence day firework
    • empire firework
    • mob arena swords and bows
    • instructions
    • rudolph
    • the new pick
    • supporter voucher
  3. 2012 Empire New Years Firework
    60k Member Items
    Independence day and 2013 Empire Firework
    Promo Horses
    Haunted Head
    Turkey Slicer
    Holiday Pick and Rudolph
    I didn't include special items, just items that were actual promos. I would have to say that the 2012 Firework or an Ore Buster are in the highest demand right now.
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  4. There are two empire fireworks with the 2012 one being really valuable.
    There are also two valentines roses. As with the fireworks, the older one is more valuable.