Whale Isle

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  1. Welcome to a peaceful, monster-free island, Whale Island. A small mushroom island outpost that can spaciously hold 30 people or more. We're on smp1, and would love for you to join. As a new outpost, we don't have many supplies except for space, and so are looking for volunteers to help transport supplies to the isle.

    You can carry up to 1DC as you travel, because we have Enderchests on Whale Island for anyone's use. Here is a list of supplies we are currently low on. If you are making the trip out, we would highly appreciate bringing some of these things in your enderchest:

    Specialty Building Blocks (Quartz, Brick, etc)
    Mob Drops (String, Arrows, etc)
    Unobtainable Items (Sand, Clay, etc)
    Simple Items (Stone, Dirt, etc)

    Whale Island is shaped like a whale, as you can see in this map screenshot

    If you would like to join, simply PM me and I will send you coordinates. (Whale Island is on SMP1) The only absolute requirements are that you are not currently banned, and that you have played EmpireMinecraft for over a month, although I may deny an application for any reason.

    There are some rules, which I will cover here:

    Do not destroy the mycelium.
    Mine at y40 or lower.
    Follow any any all EmpireMinecraft rules.
    Do not kill the Mooshrooms. This island is their natural habitat.
    Try to avoid destroying the mushrooms. If you must destroy one, please plant another nearby.
    More rules may be added at any time to keep Whale Island peaceful and fun.

    Traveling to Whale Island takes a bit of time, as it is approximately 10km from a Wild Spawn. I recommend bringing a horse and boat, as there is a lot of jungle, plains, and water on the way there. You will also want to bring armor, as you will likely experience more than 1 MC day on your way there.

    If you have any questions, PM me or post on this thread.
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  2. To Answer Kytula, yes, yes it is (Salesman told me when I went over yesterday he got all the proper stuff)
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  3. i would like to join
  4. Application accepted. I have PMed you coordinates ingame
  5. I think a senior staff member has to formally establish the outpost before it can become official. It makes sense because there's no way to know if your outpost is too close to another without senior staff verifying it. Simply posting a claim request isn't sufficient to claim it.
  6. Closed per request of OP
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