went on vacation... :(

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  1. i went on vacation a while ago and i forgot to inform that i was leaving and i lost everything. Is there a way i can retrieve the items i lost in my chest?

    If not ill start over again... hopefully i can get everything i once had.

    :p EMC
  2. please reply so i can understand what i am to do about this situation
  3. Unfortunately, No, I'm sorry.
  4. NOOOOO :(


    time to start over
  5. Time for you to visit the wild.
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  6. does tnt work in the wild?
    i really wanna protect a base i might make there
  7. TNT can only be places by diamond supporters. Even if you find a diamond supporter to place the block it should not be used in means of a trap, PvP of any kind ( be passive in a trap, or direct arrow to the knee ) will result in a Permanent Ban from all EMC servers.
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  8. what res were you?
  9. Oh i was thinking i claimed your res on SMP4 but cant remember seeing your name