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  1. This thread is for things that just make you so mad, that you want to rip someone's hair out, but you manage to control it and just end up saying "Well, thats just great!" I'll start you guys off with this:

    One of my friends' parents had just bought him a $2,000 laptop computer. Well, he made the mistake of bringing it to school. He dropped it on the floor, and it shattered. Then, someone dropped their water-bottle on it, and now it was totally shattered, and all the components were wet. Then, he said, "Well, thats just great."
  2. He came home and was never seen again. His parents, 2 days later, were accused of murder.

    Well, on September 6th, 2012, I came to school. Period 3, I came to spanish class after spending 2 periods with my tutor and a break inbetween. My teacher lined us all up on a wall, she had me last year along with most of the other people in the class. The class consisted of the naughtiest kids in school (i'm one of them...but it's only because I have a disability with maths and my maths teacher set me homework all the time, and I couldn't do it. So she took my 'credit'. I also got put in exclusion twice, as opposed to others who have been in there over 10 times, and banned from all school trips).

    Well, one of the kids in there has an extremely short fuse and ended up exploding in front of the teacher (worse than a creeper :p), so she was forced to tell us our set.


    The lowest set in the B half, after that is C1 and it ends. He ended up flipping out over how we were all retards and were all dumb etc., I was told how I would only be in this set for mathematics, not everything (i'm in B2 for science, which is above average).

    I ended up saying 'Well, that's just great. Really. I was one of the smartest kids in my old set, so why am I in the dumbest of the dumbest?' (I was a straight A student in everything other than maths and geography).
    My disability 'assessor' is looking into it and hopefully i'm moving back up to my Year 7 class (B3) which consists of 20 kids, rather than my current set which has 6 kids (not including me).
  3. I'm an atheist but my parents make me go to Sunday school. I cannot protest the teachings because my brother also goes and he tells on me.

    Every Sunday, I have a 'well that's just great' moment.
  4. My primary school was a catholic school, and I became an atheist while I was there. My high school is a Catholic & Church Of England school, so whenever the teachers start talking all religious I have a 'well that's just great' moment. I once ended up telling a science teacher to shut up - they were on the topic of Evolution and started talking about how God made this happen, that was also a 'Well, that's just great' moment.

    Evolution and Religion do not mix :p
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  5. Goes out to mob spawner. Accidentally destroys block, sets 200 zombies out to kill you. Lose all your stuff go back with diamond armour die again.
    Go back kill all mobs fix the spawner then design a trap so you can get away. Trap doesn't work and you end up falling through your trapdoors into lava. Well thats just great.
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  6. Almost everyday when I go to school and the cops come or we have a lockdown because someone brought a knife and is going crazy or the store near us got robbed at gun point for the 20th time its get pretty frustrating living in a small that has lots of violence in a state with less then a million people.
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  7. You, my friend, are worthy of the highest of fives. It's awful that schools can be built on a religion-based ethos, allowing trained educators to shamelessly indoctrinate the pupil population at such schools. People should be taught how to think, not what to think.

    Personally, I see it as my duty to hasten the Secular Revolution on a local and global scale. I designed my school a student council with a full political party system, I'm going to campaign in that for the school's Christian ethos to be replaced with a secular one. I've written a letter to the administration reccommending the creation of an atheist society. I've even written a book attacking all religion for being idealized on what I call the Fantasy Framework. Should be out shortly :)
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  8. im not atheist, i just don't care about religion.. i am led to believe in that stuff when im more of the " big bang theory"
    kinda person. it seems to explain more rather than an alien that is above of beings in the universe who can kill you with the flick of his wrist. ( i say alien because a human obviously doesn't posses the power to create anything at will )
  9. You're not going to get any presents for Christmas, Brian!
  10. Screw you, I'll observe any religious holiday I want and get whatever presents I want, I'll just disregard all the Jesus stuff :p
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  11. So you're apatheist?
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  12. Damn straight. A local grocery store has "Happy Birthday Jesus" painted on the window. That caused me to want to beat my head into my steering wheel.
  13. Let's refrain from off-topic'ing this thread. I'll make a PM.
  14. *Facepalm improper use of a facepalm* An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in god. An apatheist is (I am assuming) someone who is apathetic toward god.
  15. Well that's just great! Similar words these days!
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  16. Today was my biggest "Well that's just great" moment. I stayed up to make sure CamerinDrake got up on time (4am) and to work on time (drives from 5am-6am and clocks in at 6am). He texts me on the way and says our back tire blew out. He walks the mile to the house, we have to wait until normal people wake up and spend several hours waiting. Call my mom and ask for help, not heard from her since. Dad tried helping and they were going to take 5-10 days to get a tire paying online. The closest Walmart (Asda for you Europeans) with a tire place is 45 mins away. His co-worker takes us, my sister has to Money Gram me the money for it. I walked from the back to the front, spent 20 minutes getting a 2 minute money gram. We just got home not long ago. The kicker is, we would have had the money had we not dealt with the landlord wanting extra on the rent.