Well Look what Mister Aikar did!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by deathconn, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. This, in my opinion, is genius


    What other new things are there...?
  2. Yay!
    But the glass needs to go, my god that is making me cringe. >: (
  3. He also made it where you don't have to type your whole name when you type /p
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  4. Interesting.
    Anything else?
  5. Sorry to ruin it but many other servers had already had this before EMC.
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  6. this looks really good :D
  7. So? Why does it matter?
  8. Nope. Other servers had/have stuff like this, but this is the real deal.
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  9. This is the exact same as other servers xD
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  10. Then how is it done? Explain it without looking at any staff explanations. :)
  11. An example with pictures would be great xD
  12. I can because I use it on my own server xD
  13. I assure you my implementation of it is so much better than theirs though :p all the public resources to do this sucked so bad I wrote some really cool code to handle it.

    also: Everything that changed last night is on the right sidebar ==>
  14. ... Then do it?... Lol.
  15. We aren't the first to do this, but it doesn't matter, its cool tech.

    Just hope it wasn't in vain though :/ Not sure if its going to work in 1.7.8/1.8
  16. But I don't want to get into an argument about anything :)
  17. Exactly it's cool. And I think it's genius but my point was to tell everyone that this isn't 100% new :)

  18. Sorry, had to. :p

    Also, I didn't know that other servers have this, I have only JUST NOW seen it here. Most of the other servers I have been to, had this as their mob names that roamed around or something. I still think it's cool.
  19. If anybody is interested in how it is done, I believe he made slimes or another mob invisible with no movement and named them. :)
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