Well I've Done it. 5k!

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Whos Awesome? Your Awsome!

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  1. So...

    I have finally made it! Now I have got 5k of post's, the spamming jokes may flow ONLY in this thread :)

    Thanks EMC! And I had just recently turned 365 days too :D
  2. *1,765
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  3. lol. I love your sig too :)
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  4. Congratulations!
  5. I have only 242 :(
  6. Thanks :3 Im going to start blushing now!
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  7. Just because I beat you too it!
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  8. Dear Mother Of God *removes sunglasses
  9. at first i thought u meant 5k rupees xP
  10. I did too xD
  11. Oooooooo ive had 5k posts in my life,,,,,,, and ive never had this many before,,,,,, but i swear this is true......... i owe it all to you you you you you you you you you you you
  12. pm me if you want me to write you a song, :p
  13. Bah, 2k is just fine...
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  14. Congrats, another giveaway, perhaps?
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  15. lol.
  16. Meh, the real trick is getting 5k likes. Good job with the spam tho.
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  17. Pshhht thats easy, just become an admin:p
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  18. Theres a diffrence between youre spam and normal spam. First to guess it gets 100k!
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