Well it's raining

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  1. Looks like I'm staying inside today due to the rain :/. Anyone have any fun rain activities ? (Activities that you do indoors coz it's raining).
  2. Play Minecraft.
    Sorry, had to say it. xD

    But no seriously... Umm I like to draw when it's raining. :p
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  3. I'm stuck inside on a snow day, and I'm probably going to play Minecraft all day.
    Also, those other mod packs that come with the Techic Launcher, there's like 7.
  4. unless its down pouring, put on a coat and ride your bike! its quite fun :)
  5. Mhmm I have a 1.1 minecraft folder that i play because it has a few mods which aren't updated anymore. Laser mod , Multi world gens, more storage, guns. Played it today, I forgot all my passwords to the ComputerCraft computers which control the mainframes on the farm plant industry I built
  6. Way to go. :-P
    I tend to play with the Yogbox modpack, for the milleniere (I spelled that wrong) mod.
  7. Mhmm I used to love milleniere mod but then the newer updates sort of killed it for me
  8. The thing is yogbox doesn't update anymore, so it is frozen on Minecraft 1.2.5.
  9. What mods are in the yogbox
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  11. Try doing that on the ice and in the snow! :D Thats what I call fun
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  13. Mhmm saw a mod pack called volts on there, and that pack has my type of style :)
  14. I haven't been able to figure out whats special about that one.
    Anyway, thats whats awesome about technic, there's so many possibilities!
    *facepalm* I was going to say we hijacked this thread, then I realized you posted it..
  15. Lol only I can hijack my own thread

    Edit: or a mod if they want to
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  16. They could.
    That website is misleading.
    They don't have Yogbox. :(
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  17. i fail to understand why there is a need to even ask this.... like, minecraft... it calls to you while you sit at your computer.. what on earth would you want to do other than minecraft? :eek: ... sleep? maybe... yeah, maybe sleeping. but don't put too much effort into sleeping, minecraft is better.
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  18. I dont sleep
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  19. Lol well usually minecraft is what there is to do where I live, but occasionally there is a party where I can just relax with some friends. Anyhow I just had to abort a big project , still wrapping up the details