Well Its Been A Year...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. So guys!

    I have to say thanks, for so an amazing year on EMC! As you know im now the highest posting member. I like the odd spamming joke or something but please dont over do it, otherwise it becomes annoying/boring.


    Be sure to also check out my giveaway!

    So thank you. For giving me so much fun on EMC for the whole year!

    Special Thanks:
    Terr - Although we never really talk you seem funny ;)
    marknaaijer - for helping me to do sentences xD
    And there are so many more! But I cant either remember or cant be bothered xD
  2. What spamming joke? We're just making the truth known ;)

    Anyway, gratz on 1 year. :)
  3. Congrats Nfell!

    I'm also close to 1 Year.

    I just can't believe this. 1 Year.

    I actually played a game for more than a week! xD

    Well nfell,

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  4. Lol you were the one constantly going on and on about spamming in the stream :3 But congratulations :)
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  5. Congratulations on year! ^_^
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  6. Congratulations!
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  7. Congrats on one year :D As for me, I have another month to go :( Oh hey, i'm on that list :D
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  8. *grumbles* Never on any god **** list. Everybody hates me. *Out loud* Congrats nfell!
  9. I think you missed it....
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  10. Herro im on the list Congrats im nearly tere and ive been banned less than you :)
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  11. I may or may not have trapped nfell in a box while he was afk on my res on this day... Then launched empire fireworks in it... You'd think he'd learn never to afk in my res again ;)

    Congrats nfell!
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  12. congrats :D , and am I one of the people that u cant remember to put on the list?
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  13. I think he means /sarcasm. :p Trust me, I know him.

    Antway, this is a thread worth Equinoxing! :D
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  14. Maybe you dont deserve to be on my awesome list
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  15. *Looks at list* Uh-huh, I see how it is girl. I see how it is. Anyways, congrats :)
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  16. Girls are... awesome. (Ok, i said it;))
  17. Looks at list again. HOLY CRAP I'M ON THE LIST.
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  18. Congrats! And im not on dat list >.> we are good buds man!
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  19. Congrats!
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  20. O.M.G You liked my post 0_0
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