Well I never made a Formal Entry, BoxmanVince The "Upgrader"

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  1. Well, Hello EMC I realized I never made a formal entry into the EMC community.

    So, where to begin?
    I found EMC while googling around trying to find a server that could replace the server i played on a while back called "The Minecraft Server of doom"

    Since joining EMC I made a few friends... Not so many enemies so far... but I bet that the rupee greed that consumes the heart and souls of the EMC community will soon bring forth that group of people.

    Well for those who have seen my "Upgrading Users" thread they already know that I've done and currently host a multiple of servers for "Garry's Mod" Which is a game I'm sure EMC is not affiliated with so I suppose it safe to mention.

    So what are my overall Goals on EMC?

    Well I suppose it would be to just support the community through donations and most probably become staff someday knowing well it may take a great deal of time before I meet any requirements. I just want to remain a non self centered person and be open to help others.

    This is why I've chosen to Upgrade 2 users monthly in a generous way to support EMC, Keep the community alive and allow everyone who is willing to put effort into writing a good application the reward of being upgraded instead of only upgraded my own.

    I hope to be around for many months to come and to assist EMC to remain as the high quality community it currently is.

    Thank you,

    Anyone interested in applying for upgrade: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/contest-event-supporter-upgrade-gold-two-users-month.31097/
  2. Nah Mate, you can have lots of friends while having mass sums of rupees, everyone here is generally very very friendly. Just keep your head up and thoughts positive and youll have the time of your life here. :)
  3. I formally welcome you into the Empire. Great to have you here. Though, I would like to think that most of my "heart and soul" is free from rupee greed :p
  4. Hello, pie is tasty and Rupee are evil
  5. No. Rupees are happiness! *laughs like a maniac*