Well I guess this is my last month here

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  1. I feel invisible and lonely. And that is quite a feat since I'm an Aspie .
    Granted I am not too keen on the server I originated with, its mouthpiece can keep their queen spot of less than friendly "help".

    But really, that is not that sharp a burr in my saddle, it is because I simply have been unable to coax my family & a couple friends to come here.
    It is really nicely run. Organized. I would endorse it if someone wanted a new server to play.
    I will give away my mats I guess, unless someone wants my unfinished house. I have some nice things as a frequent voter.
    I'm not going away mad, I'm just going away. I will vote my last vote and be gone end of month.

    Not saying I wont ever ever come back; but I know I won't be building so why take up that spot. It will revert if I'm gone too long anyway. Bricks and horses and diamonds and emeralds and general mats. I am a fairly loyal voter so often get a chestful of perks.
    Maybe a new player on that server will move in (I need to see which I'm on later).
    It's been nice. : 3
  2. i dont understand why are you leaving?
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  3. She's lonely.
  4. I also Do not understand, Just because you're friends and family do not join, that you have too. You Can make multiple friends on EMC and enjoy it.
  5. Aww :( You can always come and hang with me if you like :) I don't bite (I promise). If you still choose to go, I understand and wish you nothing but the best in your life and your travels. I hope to see you around some though.

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  6. I'm always up for doing something fun with other players whenever I get on, we could go mining or pvp if you need a friend to help you out.
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