well i canceled my diamond subscription

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  1. the reasons i did this is i dont play as much. the biggest reason i did this is because I WANT TO SLEEP IN MY DARN BED. yea i said it this stupid "perk" annoys me greatly, that is all.
  2. I don't understand...
    You're cancelling over losing a small cosmetic detail in favor of gaining a huge game benefit?

  3. yup i want to be able to sleep in a bed and as a supporter i cannot.
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  4. :( so cats is off? And what of interest can you DO in a bed besides sleep? What does sleeping give you?
  5. What? All sleeping in a bed does is give you a spawn point just like apparently clicking the bed does?
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  6. Actually I miss sleeping in beds so i might join Nolan

    Cons and Pros of the bed perk:

    You cant film a "10 things not to do in the nether" video with sleeping being in it.
    I miss blowing up in the nether
    You can sleep anywhere even in the nether.
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  7. Can i become [Bed Supporter] instead?
  8. Your reasoning makes absolutely no sense.
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  9. It's okay, I compensated for this.

    Two of my alts are now Gold Donators. No loss here, move along now :p
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  10. No 2 golds = $20 but what about my $10 and also what about the $10 from my alt so thats a $40.
  11. And im iron so beat that! ;)
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  12. K so now all we need is another iron and gold or an Emarald.
  13. Supporter sleep mode:
    1) Stand on bed
    2) Press T
    3) Turn off monitor
    4) When done sleeping, turn monitor back on
  14. you people and the fun you have with your beds is crazy
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  15. What I am saying is that he cancelled his $20 Diamond Subscription whilst I extended mine by a month, and added 2 Gold Supporters under my tab, bringing me to $40 per month.
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  16. still im just sad that i cant sleep in my bed and i will not stand for this
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  17. I hope this is just a troll thread...because seriously that logic is so derp. All a bed does is allow you to lay in it to make a spawn point. Unless it's somehow gonna magically start flying and shooting rainbows or firing grenades at enemies I see no use to get upset that you can't lay in it. It's not like sleeping in it makes it daylight anyway, you need the whole server to sleep so you can do that.
  18. Actually now I want
    beds to magically start flying and shooting rainbows or firing grenades at enemies
  19. Im VERY tired that i as a supporter cant place bedrock.. So im gonna cancel my sub. too!
  20. I agree! I have a double chest of it but it just tells me I can't place it >.<