Well Here Goes Nothing!

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  1. Hey! I am Sir_Reginald_ also known as Brandon! I am a new player on EMC and also a VERY rusty MineCraft player. I haven't played in nearly a year! I hope to make friends here on EMC and look forward to seeing everyone on the server!
  2. Not much, You?
  3. Welcome to EMC! :) You seem pretty cool. If you ever need any help getting back into Minecraft, I'm sure all the people here on the Empire would be happy to help you! What server did you choose?
  4. Care to explain?
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  5. Welcome!
    Much has been added over the past year, so hope you enjoy the 'new' stuff!
    Basics are still the same however, so when you run into issues, remember to either ask in town, or wiki!

    Hope to see ya around! I am typically on smp7, so hit me up anytime!
  6. Really? I thought a year ago it was 1.7 or at least 1.6 already?
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  7. He is talking about custom EMC items and features :p

    Also, it was 1.6 1 year ago :p
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  9. You just made my day :)
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  10. I am on SMP3
  11. Welcome to Empire Minecraft!

    See ya in-game sometime =)

  12. One shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that mask.
  13. I know where you sleep...
  14. Where?
  15. In that one place.
  16. False, I have slept in many places.
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