Welcome Your Faces Back to.......

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  1. Hello everybody can you tell me where the title comes from? ( I know where) Because you might just be hearing it soon in the empire.
  2. The full phrase is Welcome your faces back to ....... A certain gamer says it and the empire is on his top 3 servers he wants to try out
  3. Syndicate Project.
  4. Syndicate wants to play on empire? How did u find this out?
  5. Correct O' punisher of souls I managed to chat with him on xbox live and we got to talking about servers
  6. yup he likes our shop system and the idea of the town
  7. How did u talk to him?
  8. its called plugging a headset into a controler
  9. No crap where did u talk to him.
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  10. If you watch all of his vids you will clearly see his xbox live name I sent him a message asking if i could face him in a match in codbo and we got to talking about games
  11. Nice that will be cool if he decides to do videos about us it will get us more members :D
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  12. Minecraft Project
  13. huH?
  14. Too bad he'd bring a wave of griefers... assuming he is popular in any sense.
  15. Who is Syndicate Project by the way?
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  16. Check Youtube ;)
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  17. He has 1mill subscribers.
  18. nice we will get some new members if thay do