Welcome to Vault Tec's EMC vault

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  1. Hello lucky citizens! You have been accepted into one of Vault Tec's many vaults! The vault will keep you safe from whatever the nuclear holocaust throws at us. Please remain calm during your time in the vault. The vault is expected to reopen in 9-9-9-9-9-9-9.... *error*
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  2. *Checks Pip-Boy for a map* Gotta be a hatch somewhere...
  3. These vaults don't seem to well... work
  4. Dear Vault inhabitant:

    We appreciate your concerns, but we are happy to tell you that all Vault Tec vaults meet the United States Of America's standards for fallout shelters. We even go above and beyond them by recording all sounds in the vault to better serve you and your fellow vault dwellers!
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