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  1. Over the past few days I have had a sudden love of Ender Pearls so I thought why not make a company to do with Ender Pearls?

    What Is it?

    Ender Pearls Incorperated is a company that not only sells Ender Pearls but Ender products such as Eye of Ender, End Stone, Enderchest even Obsidian. The whole point of this company is to put out a notice for Ender Pearls over EMC. The EPInc compand is held on 5303 on Utopia.

    What is the Purpose of it?

    The whole point of EnderPearl Incorperated as I said on "What is It?" is to get the item Ender Pearls and or Ender products noticted and sold at a fair price. In no way am I trying to gain money from this just to use Ender products in a proper way.

    Can I work for EnderPearl Inc?

    Currently no. I am not accepting Employees at the moment but sooner or later the employees project for EnderPearl Inc will open up for anyone wishing to help along with EnderPearl Inc. Employees will be called EnderWorkers and are loyal to EnderPearl Inc.

    Can I Donate?

    Of course you can donate, all funds go towards building the compound. Greater donaters are rewarded with 4 stacks of EnderPearls and have their own EnderPearl Momument built for them.

    So that's it for the brief description of EnderPearl Incorperated, if you have any questions based off of EnderPearl Incorperated feel free to post a reply to this thread. Thank for you time.

    -Ender Dragon Mindlegokid-
  2. [RESERVED] For some pictures.

    First Pic of hub Building!

  3. [RESERVED] Backup Plan B.
  4. This might work, but a specialty shop might not be the best idea. Best of luck though.
  5. It is entirely possible to get the product sold at a fair price by trying to gain money, and as a matter of fact it is more effective due to the theory of the invisible hand. Just putting that out there ;)
  6. Seems Legit