Welcome to Arstotszka´╗┐

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  1. Greetings comrade! We are pleased to announce the opening of the Grestin Border Crossing, Minecraft edition! Like the real Grestin Border Crossing, this took roughly twenty minutes to make!

    Participate in Arstotszka's favorite pastime, waiting in lines!

    Be the likes of this foreigner and enter the checkpoint in the face of the danger of being denied entry and being sent back to the crummy nations that are not Arstoszka!

    If you are granted entry, congratulations, you are now in Arstotszka! That is right, entire nation of Arstotszka is composed of a border crossing and a road!

    Glory to Arstotszka, NEXT!
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  2. Papers, please :)
    I've always wanted to play this - I've seen heaps of playthroughs, but don't actually own it :(
  3. uh....scared to ask....where does the road go? o.0
  4. Is quite simple, komrade! Leaving either end of the road teleports you right back to the end of the line!
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  5. You forgot the guards on the safe side of the border. Safe until someone with a bomb comes through... :/
  6. Border guards proved ineffective. In Soviet Arstotszka, bomb explodes you, so terrorist threat is no existence!
  7. No, actually bomb exploded guards, superiors got angry and docked me $10, my child goes cold and hungry!
  8. Is own fault, should have denied entry.
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  9. Deny entry. Lose $5 because it was before the scanner so no way to know... Darn story narrative.
  10. Oh no comrade, you get two warnings! You could have denied entry comrade!
  11. Messed up twice before comrade! Those people are tricky!