Weird thing in the end

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  1. So me and friend were on his server in the end, and we saw that pink thing, and have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what it is or has seen it?
  2. On the smp4 End. I swear I see something in the distance on it... but it always turns out to be nothing... Not making things up. Haven't been there in ages though - so I don't know if I could find it still
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  3. Did you get near it and touch it? lol
  4. it looks like some odd server glitch using the unused block texture
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  5. Nope, I could only see it in full RIGHT there. If I moved, some of it would go away.
  6. Looks to me like Finn The Human floating :p

    Kidding, I read the post. I have never seen anything like that. Did you guys try to get a closer look?

    Edit: You answered that in Dogs reply :/
  7. I did, but it would go away when I got close.
  8. Magic lol
  9. this is all haxxx!

  10. Problem solved. Yaaaay!
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  11. i zoomed in on the image real far it looks like its not a 2d thing
    odd end thing.png
  12. It looks a little bit like Snow Layers...
  13. Our end is covered in water so its safe but really annoying :D
  14. Maybe that's the ends 'under-void' colour and the texture just didnt load ... Normal world and town if the void isnt black its bright blue - maybe the ends' is purpely ?
  15. That colour purple/pink is when Minecraft doesn't know what its seeing or its something that is rendering and Minecraft is just finding its texture that it should be
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