Weird minecraft fps issues

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by TheCrimeLime, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. Ok so I have this awesome gaming computer which runs all games above 300 fps, besides minecraft?
    It runs at like 30 fps

    I have nvidia gpu if that matters
  2. Try installing Optifine if you haven't already. :)
  3. Sure ill try that
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  4. If you are running a 64 bit OS make sure to install Java 64 bit. Will help as well.
  5. Do you have the fps set to static at 30 fps
  6. No I set the cap to 60 to try and maybe fix it
  7. With OptiFine, you can set the cap to v-sync (all the way down the slider), which caps the framerate at 60 AND prevents screen-tearing (it smooths up the framerate at 60).
  8. Nope. This got me loads of viruses on my laptop, and that is why it is broken ;-;
  9. Optifine is not a virus in any way possible. Something else is causing your issues, it is not Optifine. Millions of people wouldn't use it if it was :)
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  10. You can't get viruses from unless you already have viruses... I once helped somebody on Empire Minecraft (cubebox51) get Avast Antivirus onto his computer. When he tried downloading Avast, he got viruses, and then advertisements appeared on his computer. That shouldn't happen.
  11. Hah, love to believe that, but I dare not get any mods for minecraft anyway. Virus or not, optifine gave me loads of viruses (I did get it from the actual website, and I hate and it killed my laptop.
    I have avast and nothing bad has happened to my laptop. I did get it from the actual website as said above. I guess it depends on the computer...?
  12. Did you click on the advertisements that say "download now"? :p
  13. Nope. Well maybe...idk, I try to forget.
  14. Okay. As I have stated earlier, getting a virus from downloading OptiFine would only occur if you've already had viruses or if you have viruses on your network or you're using an unsupported operating system. I've been using OptiFine since 2012, and I've never gotten any viruses from downloading it.
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  15. Hmm...I think you're right on that. I think I did have a few problems slowing my computer down, and I did think I did get a virus, so it may have been that. I will have to ask my brother, he is very tech savvy, again, not sure :p
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  16. All I can tell you is that Optifine could not have possibly caused any virus, and a virus actually can't "kill" your computer.. It's always possible (in some capacity) to remove any virus if that's what is actually causing problems.

    Your computer likely died of age, dead component(s), or some other reason. Software is hardly ever the cause.