Weird invisible blocks

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  1. Hello, I have a slight problem with these invisible blocks:
    Sometimes they look like this:

    Please note how it spans from half block to half block. Before there were pistons, someday I came here and the pistons were gone, but I found these blocks instead. Now I can't repair the machine.

    Any idea what that is?

    Thnx, Kaizimir
  2. Try placing a block next to them that may bring them back into focus so you can remove them or work with them.
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  3. Yes, that worked :) Thank you silken_thread. I put wood blocks on top of the invisible ones, and both disappeared. No, idea where the wood logs are gone too, but hey I can repair it now.
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    Minecraft, get your act together. :D
  5. grrr.. disappearing pistons is annoying :)
  6. the log is probably still in your inventory as they don't tend to place when there is a glitched out block there but they bring the gliched out block back.

    1. why do blocks glitch out like this?

    1. A. I find this happen's when you try to break the block to quickly using high end efficient tools.

    2. A. Also this may happen if someone else tries to break the block and does not have permission so the block will not break for them but can become glitched out.