Weird Devil Take Over

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  1. WOW so this dude sudden talked about how he will kill us then when were dead kill us again. XD got muted for 2 days, whats his name... oh right "(Name Removed by Staff)" I think he was taken control over by the devil and started chating. It was AWESOME. he also said "Grievous07 you shall be first to die muhaha" The dude was like in total Devil mode.

    (wright back what you think of this)
  2. second

    Lets make this a counting thread lol.
  3. fourth
    Oh, and-
    What the figurative hell?
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  4. Wow 4 post already! and yes he meant the litral hell, I could tell. whats up with the count up?
  5. I know, I think he was taken over by the devil for real. Other wise I wouldnt name this forum whats its name currently is.
  6. welcome and enjoy your stay :D
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  7. Started as threatening that he was going to kill himself, more than once and getting graphic with details.
    muted for a couple minutes to tell him to stop, but
    Came back talking about killing everyone and stuff.
    He is muted for several days, but will be banned if any more behavior comes from him

    I don't know why people act this way. As a moderator I will typically let a lot slide with warnings or very short punishments to let people know they have crossed the line. I don't want to see people banned from our server, but if they are going to get crazy or abusive, the decision has been made for me. He wasn't asking for help, he was aiming to freak people out.

    My primary interest is in the community, and this kind of behavior won't be a part of it.
  8. had he found the antilife equation?
  9. Wa
  10. darksied is a character from the dc universe, he is looking for the anti-life equation
  11. Look at the bright side.

    EMC is fun for literally EVERYBODY
  12. this isn't even a valid "introduce yourself" thread lol
  13. Ha! :p Cool story Bra! :eek: Welcome to EMC! :cool:
  14. If you are going to say that, please spell it as "brah" lol.
  15. Well least I havent seen the demon yet.
  16. EMC, where people get possessed and go on murder rampages, beautiful