Weird bukkit error.

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  1. Ah, I see, I see....

    No, I don't get a word what was there.... -_-
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  2. lol, i was waiting for a java developer to get on here :p
  3. Correct me if I am wrong.

    It seems that you have either a OpenGL error or the NEI is malfunctioning.

    How to fix the OpenGL error:
    1. Update LWJGL
    2. Check if OpenGL is enabled in Minecraft if it is disable it (in the .minecraft folder in options.txt ) if Opengl:true if this rule is present change it to advancedOpengl:false

    How to fix NEI:
    1. Clear cache and redownload Bukkit.

    Though the Java log doesn't really help. Can you post the Bukkit/Launcher logs?
  4. Those don't tell us nothing except you've got 50GB of RAM, Post the bukkit logs.

    Also. I do fear you're using 3 sticks of 8GB of RAM, Using 3 sticks will mean you get half the speed than if you use 2, Unless your motherboard supports triple channel.
  5. the pagefile.sys is 50 gigs. My physical RAM is 24 gigs, in a 2x4gb and 2x8gb configuration.
  6. Here is a log,
    The "hs_err_pid2808" was created at 8:32AM on 10/18/2012
  7. WARPWIZ is broken.
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  8. Just, yes.
  9. this is simply a NPE (Null Pointer Exception) except that it happened on a native level... (really bad for java)

    Essentially, some pointer was null, but the code was trying to access pointer + 18 memory address, and it tried to readmem on address 18 which is reserved and got denied.

    Looking at the stack, your GC thread is the one that faulted...
    Ensure your java is up to date, that is your only option.

    Curious though, why are you running a server to support hacked clients that stole the game (xAuth) >_> ?
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  10. Well most of my friends dont have real minecraft accounts. they cant buy one, becuase one of them couldn't even have electricity for a few days last month. xAuth is so they dont log on under me and my mod / admins acounts
  11. Ah, and i just saw i was 2 versions out of date. i have 7_7 and the new is 7_9
  12. Sigh....... they really should remove offline mode. It's only used to allow people to play without paying (which is what classics for.....)
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  13. Uhm... thats ur opinion i guess, but im glad its there, because 5 ppl who play on my server (mainly Survival Games) dont have minecraft accounts and are my best friends. the others are real though
  14. I agree, but my parents can't keep the internet up around January, so the only way to play Minecraft is through offline.
  15. I forgot about using it for actual offline, i only thought of not authorizing minecraft accounts with lol
  16. Then they shouldn't play minecraft simple as.
  17. Ok, lets stop discussing that, just the server error. *sigh*
  18. Considering that Minecraft's code is widely available anyway, someone would add this feature back anyway. Also, it's nice to have that feature if you and a bunch of your (very nerdy) friends go off some remote location and bring your computers and a server and have a LAN Minecraft Party with no internet connection...

    Not to mention that it'll be a necessary feature if (or more like when) Mojang's servers some day no longer exist.
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