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  1. Post screenshots of weird ads you have seen on the EMC site below :D

    I'll start things off with this joyous ad:

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  2. I... just can't believe... purple...
  3. Haha, I've gotten ads for cracked Minecraft before...
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  4. Most ads like that are targeted ads that get based off of your internet use.
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  5. Which is what makes them 10x as funny.
  6. Woah, how do you have tabs with red lines thru them???
    I want red lines thru my tabs too!

    I will wait and post some of my more interesting ads up!
  7. I just paused Adblock to see what I got, and I guess this one makes sense.
    I was on Empire Minecraft when I got it.
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  8. I haven't seen a regular ad on a website, or on YouTube videos in ages. Thank you AdBlock Plus!
  9. You can block ads or change your ad preferences, but I still use ad block.

  10. Nope, I've never searched for something like this. :p ( it's in Dutch)
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  11. #SupportEMC
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  13. Dem kachelpijpen tho
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  14. OK,
    First off, my favorite AD!

    Then next best:
    Good thing they are citing 2013???


    Then this one???

    Um... not unless it is a prince...
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  15. I suppose that because I use fluorescent/LED light bulbs, there is no need for me to turn my lights off anymore.
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  16. Great, now all my ads will be for discount LEDs.
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  17. I have it green :p
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  18. Mine is blue.
  19. The ad i get on my ipad is a server hosting one and some weird Chinese dating site, really google?
    Never been on any dating sites.