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  1. Hello, community!

    I've begun a project that I would like to share and collaborate with you all on. This is a database for all of the different guides that players have created. This will be an easy and organized way to access all of these guides that may be hard to find on the forums.

    Anybody can add any guides that they have created to this website. It's a current work in progress, but many new features and additions will be added.

    Anyways, here is the link for the website: http://empireminecrafttj.wix.com/guides or http://bit.ly/GuideEMC

    To suggest any guides that you wish to be added, please click here.

    Guides are a way for others to learn things that may not be general knowledge and may need help solving. There are many different guides that have been created and could be created in the future!

    Thank you all, and I hope that everyone can find this useful!
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  4. Why not just make one massive thread? Then it would not be an external site...
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  5. I had thought about that, but I want to give others access to edit the website as well, so I decided on a wix site.
  6. I'm on my mobile and neither of those links worked for me. :(
  7. Fixed :)