[Website buggy] Drop-down menus not disappearing when rolling-out.

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  1. I am using Windows 8 (64-bit) and Chrome (latest version).

    The drop-down menus drop-down but remain down and overlap the other menu items until I click somewhere on the screen, away from the menu items.

    Also, it is not clear that the menu-item itself is an actual link.

    EG, When looking for the forums, in the "FORUM" menu, you only see "Mark all forums read" (Though there is no forum present), "Search Forums", "Watched Threads" (Only relevant if logged-in), "What's New?"

    However, there is no "Visit the Forums" link, as the actual menu-item is the link itself, which is not something someone would instinctively click on. Clicking on that would, in most applications, bring-up a drop-down menu, or hide the menu.
  2. yeah im having bugs with this too on firefox windows 10 and ubuntu firefox
  3. The forums have been buggy with everyone, i would just wait for it to be sorted out.
  4. Me too and I use safari
  5. These problems are all known and have been posted in both the Chrome Problems thread in Help and Support and the Server Problems thread. I'm sure that they are being worked on and fixes will go out soon.
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  6. Is the problem just for chrome or is it the website in general

  7. it isnt just a chrome problem
  8. The problems are for the site in general now, they started to occur after fixes went out to fix the other problems with the site on Chrome.
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  9. Maybe it is XenForo itself?
  10. Shyguy, we tested that by trying out another XenFero site and it works fine. Looks like it's just the Empire. These problems started occurring because of the changes done to fix other problems that the Chrome users were experiencing. The other problems seem to be gone, but now we have these other problems and all of us on the site are experiencing them - it's the most recent Chrome update that's been messing with everything.