We meet Notch!

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  1. Guess who stumbled upon my Hamachi server?

    And if you think it's fake, here's his cape:

    Inuyasha1204 and I met Notch! I emailed him a while ago (can't remember) telling him about my Hamachi server that I was setting up and I would love it if he could come on and I could get a picture for publicity. He responded yesterday, and he connected to my Hamachi network. He joined the server, and lo and behold, here he is!

  2. Thee Holy Minecraft Lord!
  3. Hey chris I have a new reason to come on your server again.
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  4. Why do I feel like dis is fake.. If you disguise as me you get my cape.. So I had no clue but I really don't think it's him...


  5. Er... Well, the fact that it was in F1 is extremely suspicous, and that cape CAN be easily gotten from usage of a mod.. But pretty good job on it hiding it though. I see that you has the shop signs.... Dat is cool.... (Runs into potato cave)
  6. Care to post any screenshots without the names hidden? :)
  7. Well first off its met not meet. As in I met someone.. not I am going to meet them.

    Secondly there are mods out there that allow you to have capes and customize them iv read about them before. So it could easily just be someone in a notch skin with the mod on. Or just an edited mob with a cape ect. There are people going onto servers all the time with fake skins and stuff claiming to be this or that person so I wouldn't put to much heart into it.

    Sorry to burst your bubble if you really believe it is Notch. It could have been however, it could just be you stating he came to the server to get more people interested in it. idk just saying.

    Either way there are lots of ways to fake someone being on your server its nearly impossible to know for sure in some cases.
  8. Yeah, sorry dawg we need full proof or your just going to get a bunch of these ^^^
  9. 2013-07-22_01.39.12.png
  10. Oh and to everyone asking for a pic without F1 on.. there are also mods out there that allow you to change your name in game to show a different one over your head and on the tab. I didn't point that out in my previous post because he had no pics showing the name tag. Like I said.. its nearly impossible to prove someone is who they say in game in some situations.
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  12. I sadly realized that just when I hit submit :/

    My server is Bukkit, and it's near to impossible to have both mods and Bukkit on at the same time. I wouldn't do all of that. Too lazy :p

    It is, I have the email (stupid email client thought it was junk and deleted it >.<) that he sent (address is notch@mojang.com) and he's in my Hamachi network for a few more minutes.
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  13. Yeah, apparently /give 5chris100 diamondsword gives me 64 :D
  14. Bingo.
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  15. That's a mod, not a Bukkit plugin. My server is 100% Bukkit (note the ChestShop signs) in the background.
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  16. Oh Wuteva
  17. First off you can get that e-mail SO easily just by googling it. Iv found it before over a year ago and used it to send in some ideas but he probably gets so many he probably never see's most of them.

    Secondly are you stating hes on your server right now? If so seems more like your just trying to promote your server or get more people to go to it. I believe topics like that are against the rules on here but yeah.

    Third if he replied to you and you saw it then there is no way your e-mail could have thought it was junk unless it was already in the junk/spam folder ect and you just didn't take it out, cause if you got an e-mail your e-mail service you use wouldn't just stick it into the junk/spam without you putting it there yourself (unless you use a really bad/stupid e-mailing service and if that's the case its your own fault for choosing/staying with them), or you are lying and just saying that as an excuse for why you don't have any good proof.

    Either way im tired of shooting down your evidence since like iv stated 3 times now. Its nearly impossible to prove in game that someone is really who they say they are.
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