We all had our FIRST favorite youtube video...

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  1. We have all had our first favorite youtube video.. the one that you very first watched all the time and showed it to your friends, I encourage everyone to post a video following the content,,, heres mine!
  2. I never had one.
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  3. Warning: Contains use of frequent strong language
    This wasn't my original favourite video on youtube, as i simply can't remember but this is one of my favorites never laughed so much ever. Yes I know its Americas next top model but nova playing it is hilarious
  4. Nova :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  5. Could not think about one... Well, I do really like this!
  6. One of my favourite videos, can't remember my first (WARNING: CONTAINS ALOT OF SWEARS):

    I'm from the place this accent is from :p
  7. I can't remember mine so here are a couple of videos:

  8. Anything from the Angry Moms on Xbox Live series.
  9. oh my god i watched that in french class
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  10. all the time:D
  11. Warning: A bit explicit.
  12. go right ahead, be inspired (I hope I embeded this right)