Ways to deal with Anxiety?

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  1. So I know the empire is not therapist but I figured you all could give me suggestions on what you guys do for your anxiety.

    Pretty much been battling it since I was a child and it gets extreme to the point I just want to curl up and hope it goes away. Certain people seem to trigger it as well and I just don't really know what to do.

    Any pointers?
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  2. I have one question what's anxiety?
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anxiety

    Basically something has me stressed/uncomfortable to the point I'm stuck in worry mode. I'm always kinda panicked and easily jumpy.
  4. I would advise to try and stay away from stressful situations (even I do that) so yea hope I helped :D
  5. I have anxiety issues as well, to the point where if an attack is triggered on me my body ceases to function correctly. The last time this happened I had to be driven to the hospital.. about 2 -3 weeks ago I believe but not positive.

    But how I usually handle most situations is the "positive outlook" kinda of view. I know it sounds menial in comparison to the harshness of the problem. However, I have found that if I just take long thoughts, deep breaths, and focus on a positive aspect of a situation, just wipe all the bad things out. Like a beam of light in darkness kind of thing, and I hold on to what ever is producing that light. It usually helps me.. sometimes the stressor is uncontrollable... and I can not always do that. That is usually how I handle it though.
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  6. Thanks you both.

    Snozles I do my best but one of my biggest anxieties is my landlord. He lives next door to me and he makes me very uncomfortable, plus he made me give up my cat which was one thing that helped with my anxiety. Kinda hard to stay away from it.

    iSmooch Mine get to the point I hallucinate and make no sense at all. The last big one I kept telling my husband something was in our house and we had to get out. Went to the hospital and came home the next day everything was fine. :S

    To kinda help I just decided to work on some sculptures. Added some stuff to my res to sort of go along with my sister's.
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  7. I stay inside away from people. Dealing with people and going out places is what triggers my panic attacks.
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  8. Yeah my last big one, I had this horrible vertigo attack. I felt completely disoriented, could not even move and was overcome with nausea.. I had to pull my self to the bathroom.. because if i stood up my whole world would just keep spinning. I could focus my thoughts on anything.. I called work to ask for help, but could barely get the words out or form sentences.. eventually they got the message and sent a coworker to come help me and drove me to the hospital.. I literally thought I was going to die. So now I try to focus the actual anxiety.. If I can see a situation I know will trigger it.. I try to handle it with the way I mentioned earlier, sad part is, the "attacks" as such as my vertigo attack knocking me to the floor, and your hallucinogenic episodes, are properly going to happen with no real trigger. I woke up from sleep and it just hit me for mine. Its scary knowing that fact, that they can just come at anytime.. but the best thing is to be distracted.. keep your mind working. Like your sculptures.. good outlets.
  9. My grandpa had vertigo issues, it was because of a medicine he was taking, after some days with it while he was on the street he loosed controll of anything and he falled to the ground, it was a totall horrible situation for everyone at my family because he must take care of himself at that age... Well it seems like after he smelled the ground with his nose (sounds horrible here but it's how he pointed it out to me :p ) he lost the vertigo, now he can walk without any troubles :)
    I'm not saying that you should drop yourself from a first floor to loose vertigo (which was not the question here) but i'm stating that maybe that's how you cure it ;)
  10. ^That was to ISMOOCH, now about the anxiety, well it seems like getting a dog it's nice, because he will always be there for you and you will love him/Her ;)
  11. I usually try to remain calm, and think of the positives of the event or conversation, if you don't know what to say, change the subject, or if you really don't want to do something, have a friend help you or get some support from your family. I know this sounds simple and kind of weird, but it works.
  12. my gf suffers from panic attacks sometimes due to anxiety, i find a good hug will work quite well.
  13. There are a few ways to deal with anxiety, without resorting to harsh pharmaceuticals. I know most large chemists/pharmacies/drug stores sell natural herbal remedies for such conditions, and will not cause addiction related problems.
    Certain types of teas, such as chamomile or peppermint can also have a calming effect on the body.
    I also find sometimes just closing our eyes and counting slowly from 10 to 1 is also a very quick way to reduce immediate panic related issues.
    Nothing beats the calm and secure feeling of having loving and supportive friends and family to speak to though, and as importerer suggested, if you can grab a hug it helps. :)
    Good luck. :)
  14. If you have a lot of stress, simply punching a pillow might help! :)
  15. One word. CoD. Well, playing Xbox calms me down anyways. I also like to punch my Pillow Pet.
  16. Thanks guys.

    I'd get a dog, would feel safer having one, but that was the first thing we were told when we moved in. No dogs. But we have my hubby's cat, she's just not usually affectionate.

    It seems to have died down a bit. Getting to sleep without being woken up and the cloudy rainy-ness seemed to help as well as the sculpture and all.

    Just comes on suddenly and eventually goes away but still hate it.