Water breaks Wither Skulls

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  1. I hosted a drop party yesterday and when I woke up this morning I noticed most of my wither skulls where gone. I was really confused because no one has build on my res and then I realized what happened, I put water buckets in a dispenser as a joke but I guess the joke was on me. Water breaks wither skulls placed on the ground so over 40 wither skulls I didn't plan on giving away got washed away and people where able to pick them up. So be careful if you have wither skulls placed on the ground and use water.
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  2. Oh no :( well, if you'd like me to, I don't mind asking in town chat every now and then and hopefully some may return your skulls, also as a thanks for the drop party. I had this doubt to, so it's good to know.

    I also would recommend using fences to display skulls, it looks cool and might be a bit safer.
  3. That is like 120k+ down the drain on your side, that really sucks.
  4. :(
    Anyway, water is the best lawnmower :p
  5. Not sure why you would "lol" at erosego's misfortune and not contribute at all to her thread like that.

    That sucks, it's a Minecraft thing apparently. I would really hope that Max or Aikar might be able to help you out and replace at least some for you? If it helps, I definitely saw them before the drop party. :/
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  6. Well, you know what "they" say, life is full of mistakes, and the biggest mistake you can commit is not learning from your mistakes :)
  7. I am really sorry to hear about this erosego. Maybe if the players wont give you back the wither skulls, or have already used them, a senior staff or admin could compensate some of the skulls back to you. If not, next time I go skull hunting, ill see if I can get you a few for no charge.
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  8. and i STILL did not get wither skulls :mad: well sorry about that i would donate but im out of money :p
  9. Im sorry that this had to happen to you :(
  10. Can I donate 1 wither skull :D?