Watch THE MAN Work

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mystul, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Just an FYI.
    Come watch Justin guy work on the servers through live map!!

    Go, Go Justin.
  2. Haha :) You see a spleef arena at nether, strange...
  3. I see a couple islands to claim :0
  4. I like the circular designs of explored area already. :p Man Justin must be fast at flying around in circles. :p lol
  5. Also holy cow. Thats a lot of explored nether. :p

    I also wonder why Jeremy isn't helping Justin. I thought he was an admin to. :p Must be at home in a chair watching tv letting Justin do all the work. :p lol
  6. Lol hes working in the spawn that's in the middle of a jungle. Wont that be difficult. :p

    I also see beaches. Something I forgot about but am looking forward to. :D
  7. Btw iamfuturetrunks, I dont think he is exploring the world btw, I'm not sure what he is doing but those circular shapes are pre generated.
  8. I know that.. it was kind a joke? like a superman one for example. Faster then a speeding bullet. I already heard him in another thread being told to use something like that to help make the server less laggy for rendering new areas.
  9. Where should I go first? I'm excited like a child. :rolleyes: LOL
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  10. Hes done! Whoho server will be up soon!
  11. All the stuff that's happening right now, I couldn't be much help with, haha. It's a bunch of WE copy and pasting of the outposts and setting up the warp points and whatnot, lol.

    Have no fear though. I'm diligintly working on all these random complaints and issues I get everyday in my inbox, haha. I think I spend more time in my inbox than in the game these days.
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  12. i heard you like my avatar res :D
  13. smp1 took longer than expected, it is creating the first backup for reset areas then it will be open :)
  14. Yayy :) Can't wait to get in
  15. Aww thats no fun. :p

    Also if you helped Justin by pasting other outpost wouldn't it go faster? :p Well maybe one of these days you can get Justin to do the paper work and you can play in the game. :p
  16. World Edit is not a fun thing.... whereas KribJong could probably do it... I think he secretly likes reading all those emails and dings his phone gets.
  17. I actually enjoy doing the 'paperwork' side of it. It's what I excel at haha. I'm mega ultra super patient when it comes to things in life that a lot of people would freak out and get angry/stressed over. So, it's kinda 'what I do'. ;)
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