Wastelands Lock Signs

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  1. Can it be allowed to place lock signs in the wastelands, I have a little beacon mining setup and I'd like to just lock the beacon and the chests. I get that it will be lost when it resets, and I'm fine with that, but I'd rather pay a bit of money to have my things locked rather than break my beacon and stuff every time I want to log out. I am okay with a griefer coming in and breaking my iron blocks and taking my furnaces and stuff, but I want my beacon and my loot chest to stay. So if it could be enabled, I'd like it, perhaps give a warning that it's the wastelands and it will be reset at some point, but still have it allowed?

    I just want a form of security that will protect me more than my current setup which is a few signs around my things that say "if you grief this you are a horrible person" - no joke.
  2. Suggestion box? Anyway, i believe this has been suggested before and deni- oh wait, it might not have been :p
  3. Oh, my bad. Requested that it be moved.
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  4. This has already been suggested and accepted.
  5. Has it? Any word on how long it will take to be implemented then?
  6. we really need this! ItzBubblez and I also have a mining area in the wastes and it was just griefed the other day :'( It really sucks when people destroy what you've been working on and steal things you've worked to collect
  7. Tell me about it =P
  8. This has been suggested many many many times and I believe the official status is still denied. Locking thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.