wastelands lava flow flowing faster than water!

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  1. I just died five times and lost all my stuff which included two very heavily enchanted diamond picks... in the wastelands nether. See, I rarely if ever die, and when I do I can always get my stuff back. I am just that careful and decent with knowing the intricacies of minecraft. Normally, that is.

    The wastelands nether lava is NewFlow faster than water, I find a new lava source and half a second later it has gone down and over 5 blocks and I am completely enveloped in it... I died five times due to this, and the last time was so bad I couldn't even get out of the lava in time even with my enchanted diamond armor to drop the stuff on dry land...

    Please, please fix the NewFlow rate of lava!

    And if at all possible, could I get at least my two very valuable picks back?....
  2. The flow of lava in the nether increased in vanilla minecraft, seeing that we want to be as close to vanilla as possible, we probably won't change it.
    I don't think you can get your pickaxes back. Sorry
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  3. The faster flow rate of lava has been here for quite a bit of time-- I think it was part of the redstone update (?).

    Also, tip: fire resist works wonders in the nether.
  4. This is as closest to an accurate answer as possible :), sorry for your loss of the picks though.
  5. The very fast flow of lava in the nether is due to a minecraft update, not EMC. So, sadly you won't get your picks back. However, I recommend you carry around fire res potions in the nether. Just a tip. ;)
  6. I think it's best to always bring fire resist potions into the nether for that exact reason. If you fall in lava and drink a potion you can either swim out, or build your way out (as long as you have good enough armor to live long enough to drink).
  7. I actually had nowhere to go the last time.

    I know about the faster flow.
    I also would have had fire resist stuffers, but I just came back 3 days ago and am trying to rebuild my basic tools.

    me and maxarias just tested this out and it seems that it was just lag spikes doing it. The wnether is quite lag spikey right now on smp5.
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  8. Since the 1.5 update, lava in the nether was made to act the same way that water does in the overworld. This includes a faster rate of flow, single source blocks found within netherrack/quartz deposits, and flowing 7 blocks as opposed to the regular 3. :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your loss, but this is a vanilla minecraft feature which will remain in EMC. It certainly did make the nether a bit more dangerous though.
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  9. The first time I saw water coming at me like an ocean tidal wave that fast as well, it freaked me out.
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  10. I know that scared me too!