Wastelands horse spawning

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  1. When I venture into the wastelands to find horses to egg, I can't find any. I go to plains biomes near spawn and even further out, but I still can't find any. Is it just me, or are horse spawns supposed to be rare?
  2. they are designed to be rare, if all the horses in a plains area have been taken then thats it for that chunk
  3. That's not how other mobs work.
  4. they dont work like other mobs
  5. Horses are more likely to spawn in newly generated chunks.
  6. Most people might've claimed all the horses in that chunk it could be quite a while before more spawn in that area.
  7. Actually most passive mobs become rare spawns after they've been taken in vanilla.
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  8. Searched several plains on more than one server (frontier rather than wasteland) both previously discovered (by me) and newly generated with no joy :( - not a horse to be seen :confused:
  9. ^ yeah apparently spawns for horses go past where you have revealed on map in frontier i found the edge of a plain and left so i could discover it for the update came back and not a horse to be found
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  10. Well they may not have spawned because when it updated the chunk was already loaded to 1.5.2 standards they could not spawn horses there, the same thing happened on my SP world.
  11. Try going about 2 thousand blocks in the frontier nether, making a portal, then trying there.
  12. zbs is way past 2k in nether i think
  13. These plains I mentioned are 30k - 40k from spawn
  14. One of the great things about EMC's wild as compared to a lot of other servers is that passive mobs will respawn in chunks. I really don't see any reason why this shouldn't be the same with horses :/ I definitely only found two horses after around 4 hours of exploring, and both seemed to be leftovers from a large herd that had already been egged.
  15. its just how mojang coded horses
  16. Go to an outpost (10k blocks), then make a portal to the nether.
    10k/8= 1250 in the nether.
    travel out, say, 3k more blocks in the nether, and you're at 4,250 blocks, then make a portal.
    4250*8= 34k
    that should be far enough.
  17. I found a horse yesterday with out even trying to find a horse, I guess I'm just lucky. :)
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  18. But thats how they coded other animal spawns as well.....and animals respawn on EMC...
  19. I egged 27 of em in SMP9 wilds then bred them I now have close to 4 dc's of horses shortage of carrots prohibits me from making more :(
  20. Want to buy some carrots? :3
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