Wastelands Expansion!

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Should we expand the wilderness?

Yes 5 vote(s) 26.3%
No because I hate everyone 14 vote(s) 73.7%
  1. My friend AuTigers550 and I were going to an Ice spikes biome in waste, and when we got there, at x4000, it said, "You can't go further in this direction." We got stuck, he died, lost his stuff, and all because we got stuck. So, can you expand the wilderness for more types of biomes that are rare?
    And, you know... not letting people get forced in a block and you cant move and you have to spend 5 hours eating pumpkin pie so you don't get killed by a skeleton and you then punch your computer,
    break your fist, and then never play minecraft again, just expand the wastelands.
  2. I agree with you but the thing is, you can travel 8k in the nether set up a portal and find unlimited new biomes, not that hard. Wastelands is for easy material gathering.
  3. I believe they put a distance limit on wastelands to help with lag issues or something like that.
  4. i would vote no because i feel like 8000x8000 is already more than enough room for everyone to mine/do whatever they want, but i do not hate everyone so i will not vote.
  5. If you can't find a biome you are looking for, check another SMP or just go way out far in the nether and make a portal. I got 50,000 blocks out by going 7,ooo in the nether.
  6. The problem isn't that the Waste is not large enough. You found the Biome you were looking for after all. The problem is that you got stuck at the edge. That is what should be fixed.

    Evidently I hate everyone.
  7. <33

    The waste was made small for only gathering purposes. If you cannot find a fancy ice spike place, try another server.

    I hope that in the 1.8 Waste Update, they will put Barrier Blocks to replace what they have now.
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  8. I find it rude that the only "no" answer means I hate everyone.
    I also find it rude you would vote in your own servey to make it look like more people agree with you.
    Anyways, the wastelands are big enough. Being 8k blocks by 8k blocks, you have 64 million blocks of surface area to explore. With the average biome being 320 by 320, there are 625 biomes per world, on average. With nine servers, you have 9,625 biomes. I actually started a project after 1.7 came out, and it was to get to every biome, sub-biome, modified biome, whatever you want to call them. I got to every single one within EMC. Nearly 10,000 biomes is enough. You just have to stop being lazy and explore on all the servers.
  9. Great Ice Spikes on smp6, btw, super close to an outpost :D