Wasteland Wanderers VERY BETA EDITION

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  1. You will need to watch the stream at http://beam.pro/ElectricHamstar during this event to fully participate. As per usual, supporter vouchers will be given out during it (yay, free stuff).

    I'm sure you'd like details. Well, you're not getting them until we get started. :p Just make sure you have a decent set of armour/tools to keep yourself alive. We will be meeting at SMP2 Town spawn.

    If you're feeling nice and would like to contribute to the prize funds, you can /pay me rupees or mail me stuff like promos and I'll stick it in the prize pool. :D
  2. Awesome! I should be there if I am not having dinner at the time.

    First :3
  3. First Second :p Cool event Jack, nice of you to give away vouchers free :)
  4. Not sure if I can attend this.
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  5. Is this like the event I was going to hold awhile back? Where you have to survive thru the wild and keep reaching checkpoints to the final end? Might join in tonight.
  6. Cool ill be watching :p
  7. Ish
  8. Ooh, looks like fun. Hopefully I will be able to make it!
  9. Cool! I'll - hopefully - be asleep at that time, but I hope it's going to be fun! :)
  10. What do you do in this Event?
  11. How generous of you to give out supporter vouchers!
  12. Sounds like fun. Hope I can make it, it's right in the middle of my day so....
  13. Hello, I am very curious about this event.
    What's the plan for this? I'm not seeing much information about it.

    If anyone knows the point and/or event specifications, please, don't be shy.
    Thank you :)
  14. Is this like event like, when you and a group of players ( including moi ) journeyed to the end and made a base there a few days ago?
  15. I think it's to remain a surprise until shortly before it starts. :)
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  16. yay!
    EDIT: 16th!
  17. That's not enough intel for me to rely on.. I'll wait a few more hours for information :D
  18. I'm a wander, yeah I'm a wanderer, I roam around around around round. (Kudos to anyone to knows the song)
  19. ^ Early 60's lol I know because my father brainwashed me with that era of music. Rest his soul <3
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  20. I know that song from Fallout 4