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WASD 27 vote(s) 87.1%
ARROW KEYS 4 vote(s) 12.9%
OTHER 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Which do you use? WASD or Arrow keys?

    I use arrow keys and have also changed like all my other keys too be around there :p. What about you?
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  2. I use just the WASD since I have a gaming keyboard from iBUYPOWER ;P
  3. WASD! :D For the win :p
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  4. Newbies generally use Arrow Keys, and some remain with it.
    Most people graduate to WASD (or some people start at it)

    I prefer WASD.
  5. I use WASD, because it's spaced nicely with one hand on one side of the desk controlling walking, and one on the other using the mouse.
  6. MC starts out with WASD by default, so don't newbies usually use it?
  7. When i started to play on minecraft for pc i didn't know how it worked tried arrow keys it didn't work so i went back to the wasd keys which were way better.
  8. Other games use arrow keys, and arrows pointing directions is very easy to use as movement keys. :p
  9. How does one use arrow keys? I just can't. How do you like jump or crouch etc
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  10. It honestly depends if you like your mouse on the left side or right side. WASD is better for right hand and arrow keys are better for right hand.

    EDIT: I said that backwards lol
  11. I use my left hand on my wasd...
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  12. I am left handed so I use my left hand to control the mouse and the other for the arrow keys. I use insert for my sneak key and the middle mouse button as jump. (setup works pretty well)

    I have question though, do they make inverted keyboards?
  13. Im left handed and i use my right hand to move my mouse around and my left hand on wasd.
  14. I guess it's all personal preference. It feels akward when I try to do it that way.
  15. Right control = jump
    Right shift = sneak
    Numpad 1 = sprint
    Numpad 0 = change view

    It's easy to do anything with my left hand, kinda. My inventory and chat button remains the same lol. I'm right handed btw.
  16. How can one use WASD?
    It is so weird, Arrow keys are way better :p

    Also I use left shift to run and right shift to crouch also space to jump
  17. WASD because that's where pro-gaming went.

    But back in the day I would push my keyboard left and use the number key pad. I preferred the grid layout where 'forward' was evenly between 'left' and 'right'. Arrow keys are like this except you have more buttons on hand.
  18. WASD. Most games use WASD as their default control setup, and it's easier to press the space bar
  19. Just one questions...
    Are you guys all right handed?