Warrior Cats (Books)

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  1. I've just started reading the book series Warrior Cats, and I'm quite impressed!
    I'm only just finishing the first book so please no spoliers >.<

    If anyone else reads the books I would love to have a chat with you
    If not I hightly reccomend the series as it's a great series, not to mention the massive fan base
    Almost every website I goon, theres always several fan made 'Clans' there :p

    I'm planning to make my own clan if enough people have read the books :D

    Thanks for reading!
    ~Alice :p
  2. Is this the series by Erin Hunter? I think that's their name...
  3. Yep :p
  4. The Warriors books... they're really good in the first beginning set of books, but then they get okay towards the second set. I barely read them anymore because of it. The author makes it confusing when the second series of Warriors comes out.
  5. I've read the Prologue of the first book in the 2nd series (becuase my Dad got me the wrong book first...)
    And it did seem quite confusing to be honest, but maybe that's just becuase I haven't read much of the 1st series
  6. Well, when I read the first series it was more understandable. But then it seemed like she completed changed some of the characters and themes to it in the second series.
  7. Oh right, I'll have to keep an eye out for that when I get to the 2nd series
  8. That's actually a pseudonym :p
    The second series was probably my least favorite out of the current 4 completed. I haven't read the 5th series yet, but the 4th one is really good. Each series has different main characters, but it's one big storyline.

    These books are really good. :p
  9. Wait
    How many series are there? XD
    I only thought there was 2!
  10. Ya, she made a lot of series. She even made the Seekers, which that turned out a bit like the Warriors.
  11. Oh my god.... Get ready for the new prophecy.... it is sooo gooooood!!!!!!!! And when it's over I get mad XD It was so good, But the power of three is sad :( But over-all I love em :D The original series is good, but not even nearly as good as the new prophecy...
  12. Yeah, Seeker Bears
    If Warrior's ends good I might take a look at Seekers but I'm not to sure yet
  13. Seekers is really good. It's a bit sad at some parts, but it's really good! I only read the first 2 books though...but it's still good. I think she's coming out with a new series called Survivors, and it's about dogs. If it's out already, then I'm outdated.
  14. OooOooo dogs o.o
    I like dogs more then cats but I'm still finishing Warriors before I start any new series
  15. Survivors is out. :p
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  16. I like both dogs and cats the same. :D
  17. 5 Warriors series, 2(I think) Seekers series, and 1 Survivors series.
  18. I've read all the books until the new warriors mini series thingy "Dawn of the Clans"
    I've also started reading survivors, seekers eh....
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  19. I read those books almost two years ago, it was a good series.
  20. I read them all
    Three times
    Im serious though that series is great :p
    I put holds on the new ones when they come out then scream my precious running into he library to get them.
    This is sarcasm. (Or is it?)